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Home of 10 year structural defects insurance

Your home for Construction Insurance

If you are building a residential property, you’re likely to require our specialist insurance products. We offer Structural Insurance, Road Bonds, Building Control services and Developer Insolvency cover. So whether you are a self-builder, developer, contractor, homeowner, receiver, administrator or another professional who deals with residential property, CRL will be able to help you. Please browse our website for your solution or call 0800 772 3200 to speak to one of our friendly staff in your area.

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Where We Can Help

  • Structural defects insurance indemnifies the homeowner against any defects in design, workmanship or materials of the property as well as the external water envelope and chimneys and flues for a period of 10 years from the date of completion, also known as latent defects.
  • A road bond is a security required by local authorities which guarantees the completion of roads to enable them to be adopted at the completion of works by the contractor.
  • Developer insolvency is the term used to describe a property developer who is in financial difficulty and has therefore become insolvent.
  • Building Control, or building regulations, are legal requirements that are applied to most types of building works.

What We Cover

  • New dwellings
  • Partially completed or completed homes
  • Completed properties with defects
  • Self-build houses
  • Conversions, extensions or renovations
  • Prefab properties
  • Social housing developments
  • Insolvency situations
  • Mixed use developments

With a vast range of clients including architects, builders and developers, quantity surveyors, insolvency practitioners, fixed charge receivers, self-builders and structural engineers, C-R-L prides itself on offering bespoke solutions for all residential properties with a fast turnaround and a high level of customer service.

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